Security Policy

Chubb’s Security Policy


Many of us feel comfortable handing our credit or debit cards to a shop assistant, or even sharing them over the telephone – trusting strangers despite the risks. Using your card to buy travel insurance online shouldn’t be any different. At least, at Chubb we don’t believe so.

Online security means that:

  • Information supplied by you can’t be viewed. Even if it’s intercepted, the information you receive or provide can’t be altered.
  • The company who owns and operates the website is who it says it is.

Security on this website

When we ask you for your personal information as part of purchasing your travel cover online, we use a Secure Socket Layer (SSL); an industry-standard security technology that encrypts details sent between your PC and our website. This protects your data, ensuring it isn’t tampered with (you need to use an SSL-capable browser, like Internet Explorer).

Please don’t send us personal details via email. While most emails aren’t intercepted, your data could still be visible to third parties, and we don’t want to take the chance.

We are who we say we are

Unlike when shopping in person, you can’t see the people or company you’re dealing with online. But an SSL digital certificate allows you to authenticate the website and confirm its ownership. If a website has a valid digital certificate, like our sites do, you can verify the:

  • domain that the certificate was issued for,
  • the owner (who is also the organisation with the right to use the domain), and
  • their physical location.

Agents, affiliates and others

Companies that supply support services or act as Chubb’s agents, affiliates or partners must conform to our security principles and have a similar level of security.

Feel free to contact us for more information.