10 Things To Stop Buying

At your destination


How many times have you returned from your holiday only to realise you’ve impulsively bought a bunch of keepsakes that you’ll never use? You’re not the only one. A quick poll showed that there are 10 things that holiday-makers should really stop buying on their trips.

  • Souvenir T-shirts

    How many times did your souvenir T-shirt end up as pyjamas? There’s always someone in the family who doesn’t want one, trust us.

  • Fridge magnets

    You may love them and collect them as must-haves, always making a conscious effort to look for them. But not everyone uses them if you give them one.

  • Key chains

    Like fridge magnets, they tend to suffer a similar fate.

  • Handicrafts

    Unless you’re supporting a local social enterprise, picking the right crafts to suit your home can be tricky.

    Image of passenger exiting an airport with carry on luggage.

  • Sarongs

    They’re bright, colourful and sexy. And before you know it, you’ve got ten of them taking up space, doing nothing in your cupboard at home.

  • Local produce

    Floral tea, turkish delights, green bean cakes… the list goes on. You probably take a few bites and then you forget all about them. Unless you really crave them, limit the quantity you buy as they come with expiry dates.

  • Traditional costumes

    They’re so distinct that you can usually only wear them on very rare occasions. The rest of the time they just sit in your cupboard.

  • Instant photos at theme parks

    Having been captured during your hell-raising rides, these photos certainly don’t make you look good half of the time. Unless you want to keep the terrified look for posterity?