What am I not covered for?

This policy does not cover, and the company will not in any event be liable to pay any benefits or indemnify the Insured Person in respect of, any loss which is, directly or indirectly, caused by, a consequence of, arises in connection with or is contributed to by any of the following:

General Exclusions:

Below are some General Exclusions that are applicable to the policy as a whole. We shall not be liable for payment of any loss, claim, and indemnity or benefit amount due to:

  1. A person insured travelling specifically to obtain medical, dental or cosmetic treatment;
  2. A person insured’s intention to immigrate;
  3. Any insured event occurring during a local journey;
  4. A person insured committing or attempting to commit any illegal act;
  5. A person insured committing or attempting to commit suicide, intentionally inflicting self-injury, regardless of the state of their mental health, or needlessly exposing themselves to danger, except in an attempt to save human life;
  6. Pregnancy of or childbirth (except for unexpected medical complications or emergency occurring during the first 26-weeks of the pregnancy);
  7. A person insured travelling to any country which is, or whose armed forces are, engaged in war where that part of a journey commences after the outbreak of such war;
  8. A medical condition for which a person insured chose not to take medication or other recommended treatment as prescribed or directed by a qualified medical practitioner;
  9. A tropical disease where the person insured has not had the vaccinations or taken the medication recommended or required by the authorities in the country being visited;
  10. A journey undertaken against the advice of a qualified medical practitioner or where the purpose of the journey is to receive medical treatment or advice;
  11. Strike, labour dispute, mechanical breakdown or failure of the means of transport (other than disruption of road and rail services by avalanche, snow or flood) which existed or the possibility of which existed and for which advance warning had been given before the date on which the journey was booked;
  12. A person insured engaging in aviation or air travel, other than as a fare paying passenger;
  13. Under the influence of alcohol or solvents or ingesting drugs except for drugs which are properly prescribed.
  14. A person insured driving a vehicle of any kind whilst the alcohol level in their blood or breath exceeds the legal limit of the country in which they are driving.
  15. A person insured being a full time member of the armed forces of any nation or international authority or a member of any reserve forces called out for permanent service.
  16. Any pre-existing medical condition, unless you are under the age of 70 and you have purchased the travel superior plan.
  17. A Person Insured taking part in any of the following while on a Journey:
    1. leisure activities, sports or winter sports not specifically covered under Covered Leisure Activities, Sports and Winter Sports; unless Chubb has specifically agreed in writing to extend cover in this regard.
    2. performing as a Professional in any leisure activities, sports or winter sports;
    3. competitive winter sports; or
    4. Manual Labour of any description;
    5. engaging in occupational activities underground or requiring the use of explosives;
  18. Any epidemic and pandemic events.
  19. This insurance does not apply to the extent that resolutions of the United Nations or the trade and economic sanctions, laws or regulations of the European Union, the member states of the European Union or United States of America prohibit us from providing insurance, including but not limited to the payment of claims or the provision of any other Benefit.
  20. In particular, We will not pay any claims or provide any other Benefits arising out of or relating to any Insured Person whose main residence is in Cuba and/or arising out of or relating to any travel to, from or in Cuba or any travel which starts, ends or has a scheduled stop in Cuba.

This briefly describes the benefits available. Please refer to the Policy Wording for the full terms, conditions and exclusions that apply.