What is covered by my insurance?

Whether you are heading for a cross boarder journey or embarking on a round-the-world adventure, you can choose the cover that matches your trip. Here are highlights of the included benefits.

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Emergency medical and related expenses

Covers Chubb Assistance expenses for Emergency Medical Evacuation
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Covers Medical Repatriation Expenses as a direct result of Accidental Injury or Sickness, to the insureds country of domicile.
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Covers Medical Expenses incurred Overseas as a direct result of Accidental Injury or Sickness, including Accidental Dental Expenses.
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Accompanying Family Member
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Burial Expenses
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Return of your mortal remains to South Africa
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Return of Children
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age < 55
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age 56 - 69
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Personal Injury

Covers death & disability for the insured person whilst they are on a trip.
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Chubb Assistance

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Cancelation & Curtailment and Disruption

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Political or Natural Disaster

Personal Security Specialist Expenses

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Personal Liability

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Hijack or Kidnap and Wrongful Detention

Golf - Hole In One

Covers for cost of food and beverages for purpose of celebrating Hole-In-One Up to R15,000

Sports Equipment Cover

Loss or damage to Sports Equipment due to robbery, theft, burglary or any attempt thereof Up to R15,000

Adventurous Sports

The following sports can be covered in addition to what is automatically insured on our policy:

Baseball; Show Dancing; War Games. Ballet; Biathlon; Field athletics not specified under Automatically Covered Leisure Activities; High Diving; Scuba diving (to a depth not exceeding 30 meters and provided that You are either accompanied by a qualified instructor, or You are qualified and not diving alone); Shark Cage Diving; Wheelchair Rugby; Javelin; Bungee Jumping; Climbing (cliff/ice); Gymnastics; Hockey; Ice Hockey; Iron Man; Karate (Non-Contact); Kick boxing - Non contact; Martial Arts (Non-Contact); Pentathlon; Potholing; Power Lifting; Running Marathon; Skateboarding; Speed Boats (on inland and coastal waters only); Triathlon; Wake Boarding; Bobsleighing; Motorcycling 125CC – 500CC;4x4 Driving - Off road; Abseiling; BMX Extreme; Cross Country ; Gorge Swimming ; Mountain Biking; Polo; Rugby; Show Jumping ; White Water Canoeing/ Kayaking; Wrestling.

The following sports can be covered in addition to what is automatically insured on our policy:

Skiing on-piste; Snowboarding on-piste; Skiing off-piste (accompanied by qualified instructor); Snowboarding off-piste (accompanied by qualified instructor).

Aggregate Limit

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This briefly describes the benefits available. Please refer to the Policy Wording for the full terms, conditions and exclusions that apply.