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You’re covered as soon as you cross the South African border. This travel cover lasts 180 days with our single-trip policies and 90 days with our annual multi-trip options.

You’re covered from the inception date that is stipulated on your travel insurance policy.

Your annual multi-trip policy automatically renews every year on your policy anniversary date, provided that your credit card details haven’t changed and premiums have been successfully collected. If your credit card details have changed, please contact Chubb on 0800 467 467 or chubb.travel@digicall.co.za, and our agents will take you through the renewal process.

Cover is available to South African residents between the ages of 6 months and 79 years.

You must be least 18 and not older than 79 years when you apply for Chubb travel cover.

You can purchase your travel insurance as late as the day your travel begins, provided that it’s before the start of your journey.

There is no cover for professional sports through Chubb travel insurance policies.


Contact Chubb Assistance on +27 (0) 11 722 5757, and our agents will assist you through the process.

Follow these 3 steps to make a claim:

  1. Download our medical (or non-medical claims) form,
  2. Complete the relevant form in full, and
  3. Submit it with all supporting documentation (stipulated in the policy wording and on our Claims page) to myclaim@chubb.com for assessment.


Cover is offered worldwide excluding North Korea, North and South Sudan, Iran, Syria, Cuba, and any other OFAC-sanctioned countries.

Your embassy letter will be emailed to you with your policy schedule. If you haven’t received your fulfilment pack, contact us on 0860 467 467 or chubb.travel@digicall.co.za.

Your Chubb policy only covers you during leisure hours and will not cover you for any injury / illness that occurs while you are working. For a quote on corporate travel insurance, please ask your broker about Chubb Corporate Travel Insurance.

No, you don’t need a medical certificate to purchase a Chubb Travel Insurance policy. But travelling against the advice of a doctor is excluded entirely.

The excess is the first amount of a claim that you must pay. Chubb does not cover this.

Yes. If you need to extend your cover, please contact us before the end date on your policy.

You have 14 days from the date we confirmed your policy to cancel it electronically in writing, provided you have not yet commenced on your insured journey.

Yes, Chubb Travel Insurance policies cover trip cancellations in certain circumstances, but please refer to your policy schedule for a full explanation and defined terms.

Yes, but this is only for emergency treatment of sound, natural teeth, in cases where you require pain relief or to restore dental function.


Yes, but this is subject to terms, conditions, and limits. Please review your policy schedule.

One article has a maximum cover limit of 25% of the total sum of the items insured, subject to terms, conditions, and limits.

Yes, we regard these items as personal effects, but only if they’re not already insured by the owner who can claim on their own policy. This is also subject to terms, conditions and limits.

Yes, but please be aware that they are subject to terms, conditions, and limits.

You can claim the cost of obtaining replacement credit cards and the personal legal liability arising from their illegal use if you comply with all card conditions prior to and after the theft.


You can purchase Chubb’s Sports Equipment Cover add-on that will cover your sporting equipment if it’s damaged or stolen during your journey (up to a value of R15,000 – except while in use) and provided that you are playing as an amateur.

The Golf Hole-in-One add-on covers the cost of celebratory food and beverages if an insured person scores a hole-in-one while playing golf abroad.

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