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Chubb Travel Insurance FAQs

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Product features

When you cross South African borders you will be covered for up to 180-days for Single Trip Policies and 90-days for Annual Multi Trip Policies depending on the level of cover and travel days you have selected.

You will be covered from the inception date stipulated on your certificate of insurance/policy certificate.

Your Annual Multi-Trip policy will automatically renew one year from the policy inception date specified on your policy certificate, provided your credit card details have not changed and premium is successfully collected. If your credit card details have changed, please contact Chubb on 0800-467-467 / and they will take you through the process to issue a new policy.

Cover is available to South African residents between the ages of 6 months and 79 years.

You must be least 18 years old when you apply and you must not be over 79 years of age.

You can purchase your travel insurance on the day your travel commences, prior to the commencement of your journey.

There is no cover through the travel policy.

Overseas medical assistance / claims

Contact the Chubb Assistance Alarm Centre (supported by Europ Assistance) on +27 [0] 11 991 8705 and they will assist you through the process.

The process is simple - download a form, complete it and submit the claims form together with the supporting documentation (stipulated in the policy wording) to Chubb for assessment.


Your embassy letter will be e-mailed to you together with your policy schedule and wording. If you did not receive the fulfillment pack contact Chubb on 0800-467-467 or e-mail us at

The Chubb policy will only cover you during leisure hours, and will not cover you in the event of an injury/illness whilst working. For a quote on corporate travel insurance please contact your broker and ask for Chubb Corporate Travel Insurance.

No, you do not need to provide a medical certificate to take out this policy, however travelling against the advice of a doctor is a full exclusion.

The excess is the first amount of a claim which you must bear; Chubb does not pay for this amount.

Yes – if you require cover for an extended period, please contact Chubb before the policy end date shown on you policy schedule to discuss your request.

Yes - You have fourteen (14) days from the date we confirmed, electronically or in writing, that you are covered under your Policy to decide if this insurance meets your needs. You may cancel your Policy simply by advising us in writing within those fourteen (14) days to cancel it.

Yes – In certain circumstances the policy does cover trip cancellations, however, please refer to the policy wording for a full explanation and defined terms.

Yes – However you will only be covered for emergency treatment to sound natural teeth for pain relief or to restore function.

Luggage and travel documents

25% of sum insured subject to terms and conditions and limits.

Yes - we regard these items as 'personal effects', but you must make sure they are not already insured by the owner - who can claim on their own policy. Subject to terms and conditions and limits.

The cost of obtaining replacement credit cards may be covered plus your personal legal liability arising from their illegal use is covered. Providing that you comply with all card conditions prior to and after the theft.

Sports & Winter Sports option

The Chubb policy includes cover for specified leisure activities as listed below. If however, there is an activity not listed in the wording, the insured would then have the option to purchase cover for the sporting activities listed under sports endorsements.

  • Archery (provided supervised by a qualified person)
  • Arm Wrestling
  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Beach basketball
  • Beach cricket
  • Beach football
  • Beach volleyball
  • Bocce
  • Body boarding
  • Bowls
  • Bowling
  • Canoeing, kayaking and rafting on inland waters only (excluding white water)
  • Carriage or hay or sleigh rides
  • Clay-pigeon shooting (supervised by a qualified person)
  • Cricket
  • Croquet
  • Curling
  • Cycling (except BMX)
  • Deep sea fishing (excluding competitions)
  • Dinghy sailing (on inland or coastal waters only)
  • Dry skiing
  • Elephant riding (less than 2 days)
  • Fell walking
  • Fencing (provided supervised by a qualified person)
  • Fishing
  • Footbag (hacky sack)
  • Football (Association)
  • Go karting (provided you wear a crash helmet)
  • Golf
  • Gym (weight training and aerobic exercise)
  • Handball
  • Hiking (up to 1,000 metres in height, not usually necessitating the use of guidelines and/or ropes)
  • Hill walking (up to 1,000 metres in height, not usually necessitating the use of guidelines and/or ropes)
  • Horse riding (provided no hunting, jumping or polo)
  • Hot air ballooning (provided it is professionally organised, and you travel as a passenger only)
  • Ice skating (excluding Ice hockey and speed skating)
  • In line skating
  • Javelin
  • Jet skiing up to a maximum 250cc
  • Korfball
  • Lacrosse
  • Land sailing
  • Laser games
  • Long jump
  • Maxi-basketball
  • Mini-basketball
  • Motorcycling up to 125cc provided You wear a crash helmet, and hold a full (not provisional) South African motorcycle licence and licence to operate a motorcycle in country of destination if You are in control of the motorcycle.
  • Motor rallies
  • Netball
  • Paddleball
  • Parascending (provided over water)
  • Pony trekking
  • Racquetball
  • Rambling (up to 1,000 metres in height, not usually necessitating the use of guidelines and/or ropes)
  • Roller skating
  • Roller blading
  • Rounders
  • Rowing (on inland waters only)
  • Running
  • Safari (camera only and professionally organised)
  • Sail boarding
  • Sailing (on inland and coastal waters only)
  • Scuba diving (not exceeding 18 meters and provided that you are accompanied by a qualified instructor or you are qualified and not diving alone)
  • Snorkelling
  • Soccer
  • Squash
  • Softball
  • Streetball
  • Surfing
  • Swimming
  • Table Tennis
  • Tennis
  • Trampolining
  • Trekking (up to 1,000 metres in height, not usually necessitating the use of guidelines and/or ropes)
  • Triple jump
  • Tug of war
  • Twirling
  • Volleyball
  • Water polo
  • Water skiing
  • Wind surfing
  • Yachting (on inland and coastal waters only)

The following sports can be covered in addition to what is automatically insured on our policy.

Winter sports Skiing on-piste; Snowboarding on-piste; Skiing off-piste (accompanied by qualified instructor); Snowboarding off-piste (accompanied by qualified instructor).
Sports endorsements Baseball; Show Dancing; War Games. Ballet; Biathlon; Field athletics not specified under Automatically Covered Leisure Activities; High Diving; Scuba diving (to a depth not exceeding 30 meters and provided that You are either accompanied by a qualified instructor, or You are qualified and not diving alone); Shark Cage Diving; Wheelchair Rugby; Javelin; Bungee Jumping; Climbing (cliff/ice); Gymnastics; Hockey; Ice Hockey; Iron Man; Karate (Non-Contact); Kick boxing - Non contact; Martial Arts (Non-Contact); Pentathlon; Potholing; Power Lifting; Running Marathon; Skateboarding; Speed Boats (on inland and coastal waters only); Triathlon; Wake Boarding; Bobsleighing; Motorcycling 125CC – 500CC;4x4 Driving - Off road; Abseiling; BMX Extreme; Cross Country ; Gorge Swimming ; Mountain Biking; Polo; Rugby; Show Jumping ; White Water Canoeing/ Kayaking; Wrestling;

Cover is subject to the conditions listed below:

  • All appropriate and recognised safety equipment and training must be utilised.
  • Professionals are excluded.
  • Cover under Section 1 - Emergency Medical and Related Expenses will be limited to R1,000,000 (Excess: R500) whilst participating in sports activities.
  • Physiotherapy and chiropractic treatments are excluded, unless confined to a Hospital.
  • Search and rescue operations are excluded.
  • Section 2 – Personal Injury will be excluded when participating in the activity.
  • Section 8 - Personal Liability will be excluded for all motorised activities.
  • You participate on a recreational basis only.
  • You have not been advised by a doctor against participating in such sport or activity;
  • You follow safety procedures, rules and regulations as specified by the activity organisers/providers; and
  • It is not the main focus of, or does not form a significant proportion of, your journey.

**General exclusions of the base policy continue to apply.

SA Credit Card option

Many South African credit card companies and some banks accounts provide you with a certain level of cover when purchasing your travel tickets using your credit card. However, due to the fact that medical emergencies, and all other travel related emergency costs, are charged for in the countries local currency in many instances this cover is insufficient to cover these costs. 

Our Credit Card Top-Up cover works by supplementing your existing travel insurance cover whilst travelling internationally - giving you peace of mind and the combined cover levels you may need.

In addition, you may save a significant amount by purchasing your top-up cover through Chubb compared to buying a comprehensive cover policy or even a top up option from your card provider.


  • If you do not have any cover - you should choose from our range of standard travel insurance cover options which provide cover from the ground up.
  • If you have some travel insurance cover from your card provider for example, you can usually save money buying Chubb Credit Card Top-Up Travel Insurance.

Typical cover available through most customers credit cards and banks has a limit on the medical expenses cover when travelling internationally of R1,000,000 and sometimes this is as low as R150,000.

Chubb has routinely paid medical claims far in excess of R1,000.000; the risk with only having automatic cover given by your credit card is that you are left short, if the worst happens. You should check your limit as it may be higher than you need or lower than you expect.

Chubb Travel Insurance supplements your existing medical expenses and repatriation cover with additional cover. So, if the cover on your credit card policy runs out, our policy will then start to pay out up to the limit we give you.

In addition, you may find other benefits such as the cancellation & curtailment benefits have lower limits than you would like under your credit card cover. Again, Chubb Top Up cover operates in addition to your credit card cover.

So, even if you are certain that your existing travel insurance policy already provides adequate cover for your medical expenses and repatriation needs, then you can still buy our cover and enjoy the additional level of protection and peace of mind in terms of these other benefits.

Sports Equipment and Golf Hole In One cover

You may purchase the Sports Equipment Cover add-on benefit to cover your sporting equipment up to R15,000. If during your journey, your sporting equipment is damaged or stolen (except while in use) and playing as an amateur.

Golf Hole-In One add-on benefit covers the cost of food and beverages for purpose of celebrating a Hole-In-One.